Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)

Cameras and Machine Vision to Support Rough Terrain Container Handler Operations

by Glenn Beach; Douglass Haanpaa; Gary Moody; Pritpaul Mahal; Steve Rowe; Gary Siebert; Jim Burkowski; Charles J. Cohen;


The effective and safe use of Rough Terrain Cargo Handlers is severely hampered by the operator’s view being obstructed. This results in the inability to see a) in front of the vehicle while driving, b) where to set a carried container, and c) where to maneuver the vehicles top handler in order to engage with cargo containers. We present an analysis of these difficulties along with specific solutions to address these challenges that go beyond the non-technical solution currently used, including the placement of sensors and the use of image analysis. These solutions address the use of perception to support autonomy, drive assist, active safety, and logistics.