Systems Engineering (SE)

Whole Systems Trade Analysis

by Shatiel Edwards; Matthew Cilli; Troy Peterson; Mike Zabat; Craig Lawton; Liliana Shelton


Ground vehicles are complex systems with many interrelated subsystems - finding the sweet-spot among competing objectives such as performance, unit cost, O&S costs, development risk, and growth potential is a non-trivial task. Whole Systems Trade Analysis (WSTA) is a systems analysis and decision support methodology and tool that integrates otherwise separate subsystem models into a holistic system view mapping critical design choices to consequences relevant to stakeholders. As a highly integrated and collaborative effort WSTA generates a holistic systems and Multiple Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) model. The decision support model and tool captures and synthesizes outputs from individual analyses into trade-space visualizations designed to facilitate rapid and complete understanding of the trade-space to stakeholders and provide drill down capability to supporting rationale. The approach has opened up trade space exploration significantly evaluating up to 1020+ potential configurations to then return a handful of configurations which meet design and programmatic criteria.