Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)


by Ka C Cheok; Micho Radovnikovich; Paul Fleck; Kevin Hallenbeck; Steve Grzebyk; Jerry Vanneste; Wolfgang Ludwig; Robert Garner


Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) have made big inroads in the automation of assembly plants and warehouse operations. There are thousands of AGV units in operation at OEM supplier and service facilities worldwide in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. Although today’s AGV systems can be reconfigured and adapted to meet changes in operation and need, their adaptability is often limited because of inadequacies in current systems. This paper describes a wireless navigated (WN) omni-directional (OD) autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) that incorporates three technical innovations that address the shortfalls. The AGV features consist of: 1) A newly developed integrated wireless navigation technology to allow rapid rerouting of navigation pathways; 2) Omnidirectional wheels to move independently in different directions; 3) Modular space frame construction to conveniently resize and reshape the AGV platform. It includes an overview of the AGVs technical features and how the flexibility and agility can be adapted to fit military and commercial application. The AGV is being evaluated as a mobile work station platform and a precise material handling robot.