Systems Engineering (SE)

Sigma Value, Enabling Workforce in Systems Engineering Thinking

by William Maholick SSBB; Carl J Godell PMP CHRS LSS


Systems Engineering (SE) would always benefit from the inclusion of the Six-Sigma perspective in both the planning and execution of project systems. This applies to not only System Engineers but also to Systems Extended Team Members, all who must provide cumulated knowledge along with competency to the project. It is difficult to obtain a high level of competency among single members of the team to be highly successful. Strength in one area is very often an underlying factor of weakness in another area. Determining and integrating sigma characteristics from the development cycle into all remaining phases of the product project, especially at critical component interfaces, with a resultant sigma value given to those connections that develop a sigma-risk factor for each function and process pathway within the operational configuration. This sigma-risk factor concept is the key in uniting knowledge with experience.