Systems Engineering (SE)


by Pradeep Mendonza; John Fitch


The Advanced Systems Engineering Capability (ASEC) developed by TARDEC Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) group is an integrated Systems Engineering (SE) knowledge creation and capture framework built on a decision centric method, high quality data visualizations, intuitive navigation and systems information management that enable continuous data traceability, real time collaboration and knowledge pattern leverage to support the entire system lifecycle. The ASEC framework has evolved significantly over the past year. New tools have been added for capturing lessons learned from warfighter experiences in theater and for analyzing and validating the needs of ground domains platforms/systems. These stakeholder needs analysis tools may be used to refine the ground domain capability model (functional decomposition) and to help identify opportunities for common solutions across platforms. On-going development of ASEC will migrate all tools to a single virtual desktop to promote a more seamless and consistent user experience. The capability to read data stored in remote DOORS databases will be added to enable broader collaboration across RDECOM and the Army. This paper will provide an overview of the current state of the Advanced Systems Engineering Capability (ASEC) framework, highlight the growth and diversity of the ASEC user base and its applications to the Army/DoD and explain the roadmap for continued ASEC development and deployment.