Systems Engineering (SE)

Challenges Faced By System Integrators: From a System Simulation Approach

by Karthikeyan Radhakrishnan; Ramesh Padmanaban; Ravindra Paike; Hari Vijay


In today’s competitive market, OEMs are racing towards developing more efficient vehicles without sacrificing on its performance. In this process, they’re forced to evaluate new technologies and designs in various subsystems. Most of the sub-systems today have become “intelligent”, which means that the controllers have become quintessential for the system’s behavior. Equally important are the physical behavior of the plant that needs to be controlled. These two independent groups have their own design and development cycle and the challenge for the companies have been in bridging the gap so as to identify potential failure modes. This paper discusses an Architecture-driven Model Based Development process that can address the challenges posed during the development. Three key enabling technologies – Imagine.Lab System Synthesis, Imagine.Lab SysDM & Imagine.Lab AMESim are leveraged in this process.