Systems Engineering (SE)


by Pradeep Mendonza


Systems Engineering (SE) is a knowledge-based process. Its success depends on timely, efficient and effective knowledge capture, sharing of that knowledge among a diverse set of system stakeholders, and formulation of the system trade space to enable decision makers choose a balanced solution to the problem. As system complexity grows, the challenge for precise capture of SE knowledge compounds, resulting in increased demands on SE practitioners to effectively capture and manage systems information. Technology aids can assist in the capture, sharing and presentation of SE knowledge and enable practitioners to focus on thinking tasks. The Advanced Systems Engineering Capability (ASEC) developed by the TARDEC Systems Engineering Group (SEG) is an integrated Systems Engineering (SE) knowledge creation and capture framework built on a decision-centric method, high quality data visualizations, intuitive navigation and systems information management that enable continuous data traceability, real-time collaboration and knowledge pattern leverage to support the entire system lifecycle. The ASEC framework provides a collaborative environment for all stakeholders, practitioners and decision makers to proactively engage in and facilitate the decision-making process throughout the system development process. All facets of SE knowledge (requirements, decisions, risks, opportunities, tests etc) are created, managed and presented in context within a single framework. The framework has been architected to support Model Based Engineering (MBE) and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) information. The ASEC enables decision makers to make informed decisions with confidence based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative inputs and helps assess the ripple effects of multi-decision trade-offs when evaluating competing what-if scenarios. Traceability is maintained to reflect the impact of decisions on requirements, system architectures and project plans. This paper will provide an overview of the Advanced Systems Engineering Capability (ASEC) framework, its intended application, current and planned capabilities and potential benefits to the Ground Vehicle community.