Power and Mobility (P&M)

Ultra-High Power Density Hybrid Power Systems and APUs

by S. Paul Dev


Military vehicles need prime power and auxiliary power systems with ever-increasing power density and specific power, as well as greater fuel economy, lower noise, lower exhaust emissions and greater stealth. D-STAR technologies, funded by the Army, DARPA, Marine Corps / Navy and others, are enabling a new generation of modified-HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition) engines that simultaneously offer power density and specific power of racing-quality gasoline engines, operation on JP-8 and other heavy fuels, as well as the other desirable qualities mentioned above. D-STAR Engineering has recently developed a prototype for a 1 kW man-portable heavy-fuel hybrid power system, that has been successfully tested by the ONR / USMC, and has demonstrated the power core for a 2 kW hybrid power system (for Army TARDEC). D-STAR is also developing, based on funding from the Army, a 500 Watt hybrid power system, and has designs for hybrid heavy fuel power systems and APUs for 10 and 30 kW. These hybrid power systems and APUs offer 2x to 3x greater power density and specific power compared to power systems with conventional diesel engines.