Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)


by Ara Mekhtarian; Joseph Horvath; C.T. Lin


RedRAVEN is a pioneered autonomous robot utilizing the innovative Linked-Bogie dynamic frame, which minimizes platform tilt and movement, and improves traction while maintaining all the vehicle’s wheels in contact with uneven surfaces at all times. Its unique platform design makes the robot extremely maneuverable since it allows the vehicle’s horizontal center of gravity to line up with the center of its differential-drive axle. Where conventional differential-drive vehicles use one or more caster wheels either in front or in the rear of the driving axle to balance the vehicle’s platform, the Linked-Bogie design utilizes caster wheels both in the front and in the rear of the driving axle. Without using any springs or shock absorbers, the dynamic frame allows for compensation of uneven surfaces by allowing each wheel to move independently. The compact and lightweight ground vehicle also features a driving-wheel neutralizing mechanism, a rigid aluminum frame, and a translucent polycarbonate weatherproofing shell.