Systems Engineering (SE)

System Integration Laboratory (SIL) is a Key Tool for Establishing and Testing Systems Engineering Discipline

by Venu Siddapureddy; Nathan Fountain; David Sanders; Stacy Budzik


The Integrated Survivability System Integration Laboratory (ISSIL) developed at the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Command (TARDEC) is a tool which enables and enhances the integration of Soldier survivability technology suites. TARDEC utilized the ISSIL to bridge the gap between concept and realization of the survivability demonstrator vehicle built on MTV 1083 A1P2 platform. The ISSIL was a critical tool for enabling the integration of mechanical, electrical, data, and networking components as well as for validating the system integration through Soldier usability trials. This paper describes how the ISSIL advanced the RDECOMs comprehensive systems engineering process throughout the modeling, analysis, design, development and testing of the demonstrator vehicle.