Vehicle Electronics & Architecture (VEA)

A Novel Approach for a Hostile Arms Fire Sensor

by Joseph Rudy Montoya PhD; Jorge Melchor; Venu Siddapureddy; Darryl Bryk


A novel approach to sensing hostile arms fire has been developed at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Utilizing the multispectral properties of the electromagnetic spectrum the sensor methodology has been tested very successfully in detecting point of origin of various types of arms fire. In-theatre travel in caravans has drawn enemy fire and urban settings have sometimes made it difficult to discern point of origin. This new multispectral methodology may overcome false alarm problems that can plague other types of sensors. Recently, the US Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Command (TARDEC) is investigating the integration of the new sensor type for its military demonstration vehicle with on-board display systems. The integration approach will complement the existing sensory system for threat detection, while managing the power demand on the vehicle and data overload on the soldier.