Systems Engineering (SE)


by Sergio Posadas


Defense programs require accurate estimates of future asset performance and cost to manage the life cycles of both new and aging platforms. Traditional forecasting techniques and business intelligence applications typically fall short. Simulation-driven predictive analysis can deliver detailed insights that extend well beyond traditional methods. Advances in computing power and data management technologies now unshackle asset managers from the limitations of traditional forecasting. Clockwork’s simulation platform and predictive analysis approach leverages experience developed through serving defense programs. A case study on the allocation of maintenance resources illustrates this technique. Balancing manpower levels across multiple echelons and multiple geographic locations is accomplished after running nearly one thousand simulation scenarios—each spanning the full life cycle of the complete set of weapons systems. Historical data is merely a starting point—the distinctive, compelling value emerges from volumes of data about the future—not just the past. Powerful predictive solutions are driven by accurate representation of future performance and a structured approach that generates meaningful insights about the future. The simulation-driven predictive analysis platform applied by Clockwork Solutions illustrates the power available to asset managers that seek accuracy and detail that exceed traditional predictive methods.