Systems Engineering (SE)

The Impact of Enterprise Architecture Strategy on Realizing End-to-End Condition Based Maintenance-Plus

by Robert Zandstra; Daniel Reineke; William T. Ward


Realizing End-to-End capabilities such as Condition Based Maintenance-Plus (CBM+) using the DoD’s acquisition process presents significant challenges that need to be overcome. Acquisition of new capabilities, especially non-Programs of Records (PoR), has become more difficult to demonstrate and field based on a set of complex factors which include unique and special build requirements, more options for components, cost and schedule constraints, and quality risks of unprecedented systems. In this paper, we document the process on how Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies can be effectively used to incorporate critical structures within the Systems Engineering Process to streamline the requirements and architectures development for a non-PoRs. We then explore the dimensions of strategic planning, testing, and data collection that are needed to determine basis of issue requirements and Capability Set Architectures from EA methodologies. We conclude by presenting the results from the EA methodology integration into the Department of Defense Architecture Framework views for the CBM+ Communication Architectures.