Systems Engineering (SE)

Embedding Affordability and Producibility (AP) in Systems Engineering: Cost, Complexity and Readiness as Prime Drivers for Integrated Design

by Mike Marcel; Thomas Kelly; Mike Donoghue; Joe Feord


It is time for Affordability and Producibility (AP) to take a more dominant role in Systems Engineering (SE). Functional design is no longer good enough. Cost, complexity and readiness must be drivers for optimum integrated design. Without focusing more on AP, we will continuously fuel the “design, re-spin, re-spin again” problem that drives significant cost and time into a system where the pace for delivery to theatre is moving as fast as ever. This paper describes the SE approach from an AP focus. Decisions and challenges that were encountered during the DRS OBVP design will be presented as a “real world” example. This paper will present the high level considerations to put AP up front in SE to drive decisions so that safe, reliable, cost effective products are delivered to the Warfighter in this tough, fast paced military environment.