Power & Energy (PE)

Power Management – An Integrated Approach

by William Carrothers; Mark Stanczak


The U.S. Army is activity seeking viable solutions to a growing power challenge within ground vehicles platforms. Power demand can exceed available power, even on the newest production vehicles. Sometimes this excessive power demand is not realized until it is too late and the batteries are depleted or the alternator has been stressed. Compounding this problem, requirements are surfacing for exportable vehicle power and, adding to the complexity, future military concepts show military vehicles exchanging power and interacting with smart grid systems. For years, TARDEC has recognized this power challenge and, through the SBIR program and other initiatives, has conducted research and development efforts in the area of vehicle system power management and power control. There are promising solutions. Strategic individual loads that consume a significant amount of power should be considered for point-of-load monitoring and power optimization (which also enables condition based maintenance (CBM)). Vehicle subsystems should be considered for “condition based power optimization”. As a complete system, the demand from alternators, the interaction with vehicle batteries, load demand, and interaction with grid systems, should be known and appropriately managed, especially when high priority vehicle missions are at stake. This paper will consider power management as an integrated solution to address the complete system, subsystems, and individual loads. Global Embedded Technologies, Inc. (Global ET) is focused on providing products and solutions in the area of power management, control, and integration to meet the needs of the military and industry. The authors Mark Stanczak and William Carrothers are from Global ET, an engineering company that is dedicated to providing products and solutions in the area of power management, control, and integration. Founded in 1994, Global ET has been involved with vehicle based power management since 2000 and has been involved with military vehicle power management with TARDEC since 2002 through the SBIR program. Global ET has successfully transitioned to SBIR Phase III opportunities with TARDEC and within the defense industry. Global ET is the #1 Google search result for “power management control integration”. Global ET products include the Power Control Unit (PCU) family of products and the Power Management Application (PMA). Global ET is in the process of advancing these products and welcomes opportunities to be involved with power management and power control programs with the military through SBIR Phase III, with the defense industry, and in other commercial applications.