Vehicle Electronics & Architecture (VEA)

Conditional Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) Communications Architecture Modeling and Simulation with Decision Support Technology

by Jack Li; Walter Lucchesi; Peter Johnson; Stanley Smith; Jeffrey Halle; Joseph Pasirstein


Architecture, Modeling & Simulations (AMS) in conjunction with decision support technologies are crucial to ensure successful execution on the CBM+ vision. Currently, stove-pipe CBM+ enabled platforms compete for inadequate network resources creating risks for Global Combat Support System - Army (GCSS-A) network availability, creating the inability for CBM+ data to reach the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA). The inability of server replication could result in missing or conflicting CBM+ data for weapon system health management status reporting. A fundamental CBM+ Communications infrastructure/architecture is needed to bridge the gaps between the network and applications. This paper will discuss the high level methodology evolutionary approach to this problem in terms of architecture engineering, architectural modeling and simulation (M&S), decision support, and information assurance in detail based on the CBM+ efforts that we have accomplished so far.