Materials & Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)

Adaptive Graphite Coatings Improve Fit and Function of Pistons, Turbos and Other Precision Devices

by Andrew Suman


Additive/Abradable Powder Coatings (AAPC’s) are field proven, thick, solid film graphite coatings that wear in to the ideal functional geometry of mechanical components. Lubed or dry, devices lap in and run with minimized clearance and friction for highest efficiency, quietest operation, and longest life in sandy environments. AAPC’s will improve military readiness, reduce sustainment costs, and cut components logistics and fuel consumption. Processing is easy, robust and effective on new and used components in prototyping, production and remanufacturing. Worn components can be restored in theater to achieve durable, ‘better than new’ performance levels. Applications include turbos, IC pistons, lube pumps, hydraulics, roots blowers, screw compressors, refrigerant compressors, lip seal seats, and others. This paper will focus on the AAPC benefits observed on pistons and turbo compressor housings.