Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)

Automotive Smart Vehicles & Functional Safety Applied to DoD Ground Vehicles

by David A. LaRue: PhD; Tom Tasky; Stephan Tarnutzer; Jerry Lane


The application of advanced FEV Automotive Smart Vehicle© methods and technologies while maintaining functional safety compliance and how it applies to similar features, requirements and capabilities across the fleet of DoD combat and tactical vehicles will be discussed. The requirement of technologies for DoD autonomous ground vehicle including leader follower, automated convoy operations, and intelligent applique kit’ are common to those specified in the automotive industries. Intelligent vehicles can be advanced and implemented in an expeditious manner through FEV Smart Vehicle technologies, techniques and methodologies while maintain compliance to required functional safety. The application and impact of ISO 26262 (2011) as well as Mil-Std. 882(E) to the implementation of the advanced technologies and techniques in support of full operational vehicle autonomy can hinder development. Leveraging the FEV Automotive Smart Vehicle reduces the time and cost for safety compliant implementation of these advanced technologies and techniques even where VI and AI strategies are required through the optimization of system and sensor fusion of ISO safety certified components and systems. DoD Ground Vehicles can leverage this evolution of vehicle intelligence, autonomy and safety normally only supportive of the automobile industry.