Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)

Autonomous Expeditionary Resupply in Austere Environments

by Mark Rosenblum


The Department of Defense has identified the need for increased expeditionary, long range, and mobile capabilities to support standard logistics resupply, as well as the ability to perform logistics resupply in austere and special operations environments. The purpose of such a system is to quickly provide critical supplies to the Warfighter on the ground. In order to quickly get the supplies to the designated target location, a vertical take-off aircraft is used. Stratom has developed the eXpeditionary Robo-Platform (XR-P)™ which is a vertically inserted semi-autonomous robotic logistical vehicle designed to meet the demanding logistical needs of the warfighter. The XR-P will be able to carry, among other things, two standard pallets of 120mm rifled mortar rounds weighing 2700 pounds and have the capability to tow a trailer, all while meeting strict MV-22 cargo air certification requirements when fully loaded. By automating various aspects of the transport task of the resupply mission, especially the unloading in austere and hostile landing zones, the Warfighter’s exposure is significantly reduced.