Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)

Maneuver Robotics & Autonomous Systems (MRAS): Enabling Future Capability

by COL Willie T. Nuckols; Gary Harber; Paul Bosscher


The Army Operating Concept and the Cross Domain Maneuver Concept describe more capable Brigade Combat Teams that can operate semi-independently across wide areas on the future battlefield. Robotics and Autonomous Systems can increase capabilities of Brigade Combat Teams by increasing situational awareness, facilitating movement and maneuver, improving protection, extending a small unit’s area of operations, and sustaining the force with increased distribution, throughput, and efficiency. Army industry partners, in concert with Army labs, must provide the affordable technologies that can provide these autonomous and semi-autonomous operational capabilities to the future force. While acknowledging that there must be significant technology development to realize this vision, this concept paper aims to take a realistic look at enabling Brigade Combat Teams with third-offset capabilities by 2035.