Materials & Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)

Compositional Sensitivity of High Mn, High Al Lightweight Steels

by Katherine Sebeck; Ian Toppler; Krista Limmer; Daniel Field; Daniel Wagner; Alyssa Gafner


The family of lightweight high Mn, high Al steels (FeMnAl) exhibit lower density (6.5-7.2 g/cm3) than traditional military steels (7.9 g/cm3). These alloys are precipitation hardened, with κ-carbide dominating hardening performance. This carbide has an E21 perovskite structure with a nominal composition of (Fe,Mn)3AlC. In the literature, a number of studies have examined the sensitivity of mechanical properties to changing a single element in the composition. However, the covariance of the major elements has not been systematically explored. In this study, a series of small ingots were prepared according to a two-factor design of experiments, in addition to analysis of previously generated compositions. Methods of measuring alloy composition will be discussed, along with aging kinetics and key mechanical properties.