Materials & Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)

Optimization of Nano-Enhanced Elastomeric Adhesives through Combined Experimental and Computational Methods

by Demetrios A. Tzelepis; Robert Hart


Additions of both carbon fiber (CF) and carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) as reinforcements to polyurea (PUr) based adhesives are computationally investigated. Both CF and CNTs show an increase in stiffness. The effect of CF reinforcements on the PUr is more pronounced than the CNT’s but this due to CNT loading being dramatically lower. On percent basis the CNT effect on strength was greater than the CF. Increasing hard segment content of PUr also had a positive effect on the joint strength, but a negative effect on the shear joint displacement. Finally the addition of CF reinforcements moved the performance of a PUr formulation from a Group IV adhesive into the Group III category. This paper illustrates the potential for commonly available reinforcements to be used to tailor the strength elongation characteristic of a PUr adhesive system.