Materials & Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)

Multipurpose Spall Protective, Energy Absorbing Hybridsil® Materials for Military Vehicle Interiors

by Vince Baranauskas; Julie Klima


Through Army SBIR funding, NanoSonic has designed a next-generation multipurpose Spall Protective, Energy Absorbing (SPEA™) HybridSil® material that has the potential to provide vehicle occupants with pioneering combinatorial protection from 1) fragmentation behind-armor debris (BAD), 2) high velocity head / neck impact, and 3) fire during underbody blast, crash, and rollover events. This innovative multilayered ensemble consists of highly flame resistant, energy absorbing polyorganosiloxane foams, molded ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene panels, and carbon fiber reinforced polymer derived ceramic composites. The technical foundation for this effort was provided through independent 1) MIL-STD-662 FSP ballistic testing with The Ballistics and Explosive Group at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI); 2) FMVSS 201U head impact testing with MGA Research Incorporation; and 3) ASTM E1354 fire resistance testing with the Fire Technology group at SwRI. Fragment simulating projectile (FSP) testing completed in accordance with MIL-STD-662 indicates NanoSonic’s down-selected HybridSil SPEA composite has an exceptional V50 value of 5,000 ft/s against 0.30 cal FSPs. Promisingly, FMVSS-201U testing on NanoSonic’s HybridSil SPEA material indicates it has a HIC(d) value of 626.3 and thus meets Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s (GVSC) performance objective of < 700.