Autonomy Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AAIR)

Automated Tuning and Calibration for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

by Nate Bunderson; PhD; David Bevly; PhD; Austin Costley; William Bryan; Gregory Mifflin; Cristian Balas


A critical and time-consuming part of commissioning an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is tuning and calibrating the navigation and control systems. This involves selecting and modifying parameters for these systems to obtain a desired response. Tuning these parameters often requires experience or technical expertise that may not be readily available in a time of need. Even the simple task of measuring the mounting location of the sensors introduce opportunities for user error. In addition, the tuning parameters for these systems may change significantly between UGVs. These challenges motivate the need for automated tuning and calibration algorithms to set parameters without the interaction from a user. This work presents automated tuning and calibration approaches for UGVs.