Vehicle Electronics and Architecture (VEA) & Cyber

GVSETS 2020 Paper: Multiple Crew Station Xecutor (MCSX)

by Shane G. Sopel; Mark G. Russell; Keith E. Zwick


Technology and innovation are growing at a rapid rate, placing increasing demands on military vehicles. With these advances come additional burdens to our ground vehicle systems due to escalating threats in areas such as situational awareness and cybersecurity. In order to deal with this ever-changing threat environment, additional computing resources are needed. Given the additional costs of high performance hardware, harnesses, software development, sustainment, and licensing fees, consolidation of resources can be essential in reducing costs. Leveraging today's latest technologies in distributed systems, advanced microprocessors, and accelerated graphics, this research proposes a solution to consolidate multiple crew stations into a single processing resource. Not only are these computing resources more powerful, they come at a more affordable price when configured properly.