by Mike Claus; David LaRoy; David Nickel; Constantine Panagos; Tomas Pesys; Newton Skillman; John Srodawa; Maged Tadros


Evolving requirements for combat vehicles to provide increased mission capability and/or crew safety necessitate the addition of components and add-on armor to currently-fielded vehicles. These new requirements result in increased weight and increased electrical needs, which result in reduced mobility. The APD is built from the ground up to optimize a powertrain solution using cutting-edge technology specifically designed for harsh military environments, for use in both vehicle retrofits and new vehicle designs. The APD combines an efficient 1000 hp engine, transmission, integrated starter generator, thermal management system, and lithium-ion batteries to maximize powerpack power density. The APD was designed for a 45-60 ton combat vehicle, but designing for scalability, reconfigurability, and using modern techniques and technology has allowed the APD to greatly improve the capability and flexibility of the powerpack and the technology can be applied to heavier or lighter vehicles.