Procedure for Fast Ballistic Vulnerability Simulation of Armored Vehicles Supported by Finite Element Results and an Extensive Numerical Sensitivity Study of Key Parameters

by Morten Rikard Jensen; Steven Grate


The presented work discusses how to make a V/L analysis of a vehicle based on an RHA equivalence. It is shown how the approach works using small examples and an impact of an M1 helmet. Further, different V/L analyses of the GAZ-2975 vehicle are displayed. Considered Response parameters are the VAA damage maps, Expected Protection Capability plot, and damage area fractions. Explicit Finite Element models are used to find the critical RHA equivalent armor thickness at normal impact. It is done with terminal ballistic models for three materials; RHA, Aluminum 5083-H116, and Armox 500T. The values found are used in a V/L analysis. A sensitivity study of eight relevant V/L design parameters is carried out on the driver side section of the GAZ-2975 vehicle with an EPC value as the response parameter.