Power and Mobility (P&M)

CAM-7®/LTO Lithium-Ion Cells for Logistically Robust 6T Vehicle Batteries

by David Ofer; Daniel Kaplan; Mark Menard; Celine Yang; Sharon Dalton-Castor; Chris McCoy; Brian Barnett; Suresh Sriramulu


CAMX Power is developing Li-ion pouch cells and batteries based on its proprietary CAM-7® cathode material and commercially available lithium titanate (LTO) anode material to provide high power, high charging rate capability, long life, safety and configurational flexibility in military vehicle batteries. The CAM-7®/LTO technology can be discharged to 0 V with no loss in performance, has excellent tolerance for cell voltage reversal and cell overcharge as well as having excellent elevated-temperature storage stability, making it ideally suited for batteries that can be logistically managed with little or no maintenance or environmental controls. These same properties make CAM-7®/LTO technology well-suited for implementing in damage-tolerant, minimally managed, batteries that are structurally distributed and integrated in military vehicles.