Modeling Simulation and Software (MS2)

Combat Vehicle Program Management and Product Development Resilience through Set-Based Design

by Alper Murat; Ratna Babu Chinnam; Satyendra Rana; Stephen H; Gregory D. Hartman; David A; Rachel S


Product Development (PD) remains a highly uncertain process for both commercial and DoD programs. The presence of multiple stakeholders (e.g, DoD and allied agencies, soldiers/users, PEO, contractors, manufacturing, service, logistics) with varying requirements, preferences, constraints, and evolving priorities make this particularly challenging for the DoD. These risks are well recognized by agencies and it is widely understood that acquisition is about risk management and not certainties. However, almost all the DoD acquisition processes still require critical reviews, and most importantly, structured decision support for the front-end of the acquisition process. What is lacking, are effective decision support tools that ygnize the sequential milestone structure embedded with multi-stakeholder decision making in all acquisition programs. We describe the Resilient Program Management & Development (RPMD) framework to support complex decision making with set-based design approach.