Power and Mobility (P&M)

JP-8 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

by Saurabh A. Vilekar; Christian Junaedi; Eric Allocco; Francesco Macri; Kyle Hawley; Max Plajer; Phil Blaze; Tim LaBreche; Carlos Martinez Baca; Rich Mastanduno; Subir Roychoudhury; Jarrod Hoose; Kevin Centeck


This paper summarizes development and demonstration of F-24/JP-8- fueled Fuel-Cell Electric-Vehicle that offers silent-mobility, silent-watch, and export-power. The prototype electric vehicle was fueled with MIL-SPEC F-24/JP- 8. It can potentially be operated with other logistic fuels and does not require on- board hydrogen storage. An onboard fuel reformer with integrated sulfur trap was used for processing MIL-SPEC F-24/JP-8. The 10-kW electric (kWe) generator included a solid oxide fuel cell and balance of plant components (oxidizer, pumps, blowers, sensors, power and control electronics). It was hybridized with a rechargeable battery for startup, peak loads, and load following. Water neutrality and silent operation (i.e., ~60 dBA at I-meter) was confirmed. The power produced was sufficient for vehicle propulsion and export power. Both 28-32 VDC and 110 VAC for charging batteries and supporting external load demands were available onboard. Initial off-road demonstrations were conducted at PCI and Detroit Arsenal. System design and performance data are shared in the paper.