Power and Mobility (P&M)

NMP−free Lithium Ion for Sustainable Manufacturing in Silent-Watch Applications

by Samuel L. Esarey; Austin Kizzie; Christopher Woodley; Ian Matts; Stuart Hellring; Zhilian Zhou; Gina Terrago


PPG formulates N-methyl pyrrolidone free (NMP−free) cathodes for Li−ion batteries capable of delivering sufficient power for automotive starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) as well as adequate charge capacity for powering auxiliary electronics. In this paper, NMP−free energy cathodes and power cathodes were formulated using developmental binders, and refinement of carbon/binder ratio and slurry mix procedure. Learnings from the energy and power cathode development were conceptually combined in the formulation of capacity enhanced power cathodes. These cathodes were evaluated electrochemically via power capability and rate capability testing in battery coin cells, as well as in 0.5 Ah multilayer pouch cells. Carbon content was found to be a critical factor in attaining high cold crank performance. This work represents significant steps toward potential commercialization of NMP−free cathode coated foil for Li−ion batteries.